​​We all age differently depending on lifestyle, environment, and adherence to various longevity protocols. Individuals might be of the same chronological age, and yet have different likelihood of being diagnosed with age-related diseases and, in some cases, even dying. These differences are reflective of the differences in underlying biological aging processes.

Scientists from UCLA analyzed a large amount of data (see table below) using a cohort of 11,432 adults ranging from 20-84 years old and came up with a measure of biological age called Phenotypic Age or PhenoAge. Your PhenoAge tells you how old you are biologically compared to your chronological age. They also were able to measure Mortality Score (probability of death in the next 10 years).


Published in final edited form as: 

Aging. 2018 April 17; 10.18632/aging.101414

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PhenoAge Strongly Correlates to All-Cause Mortality

There is a strong association between PhenoAge and a variety of aging outcomes.


Independent of chronological age:

  • The higher your PhenoAge, the higher the likelihood of coexisting morbidities

  • The higher your PhenoAge, the lower the likelihood of being disease-free

  • Higher PhenoAge is associated with an increase in physical functioning problems

  • Higher PhenoAge is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease

Roadmap to Developing DNAm PhenoAge

A three phased analytical approach was used to develop DNAm PhenoAge calculations. PhenoAge was developed using NHANES III training data and employed a proportional hazard penalized regression model to narrow 42 biomarkers to 9 biomarkers and chronological age.

Source: An epigenetic biomarker of aging for lifespan and healthspan. Aging  2018 

9 Required Biomarkers (From Blood Test)

  1. Albumin – Liver function

  2. Alkaline Phosphatase – Liver function

  3. Creatinine – Kidney function

  4. Glucose - Metabolism

  5. C-reactive Protein - Inflammation

  6. Lymphocyte – Immune System

  7. Mean Cell Volume – Immune System

  8. Red Cell Distribution Width – Immune System

  9. White Blood Cells – Immune System


Price- $75

  • Test is based on Phenotypic Age research that predicts differences in the risk of mortality, physical functioning, cognitive performance, and facial aging among same-aged individuals 

  • Find out how fast you are aging, and measure how longevity treatments are impacting your biological age

Longevity Benefits

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Phenotypic Age - Blood Test


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