Longevity Consultation


Review your health data & leverage our longevity expertise to customize a plan just for you—removing the guesswork & providing tangible recommendations.  

Longevity Consultation

Why a Longevity Consultation?

  • Speak with a longevity expert

  • Receive advice to improve lifestyle choices

  • Discuss age-related issues, prescriptions & therapies

  • Explore & learn about longevity treatments right for you

  • Learn about possible side effects

  • Receive a personalized longevity report

  • Understand your Phenotypic Age*

*Phenotypic Age score only available with Advanced Longevity Consultation

Lifestyle Choices and Longevity

  • Understand how current lifestyle choices can impact your longevity

  • Diet: Learn micronutrient needs, foods to eat & avoid, suggested water & fiber intake

  • Sleep: Recognize how caffeine intake, temperature, blue light exposure & more affects your sleep cycle

  • Stress: Identify management techniques & available prescription therapies to help reduce stress

  • Get actionable insights to help focus your efforts

  • Receive personalized scores for key lifestyle markers (diet, sleep, stress)


Address Age-Related Health Issues & How Longevity Treatments Can Help

Receive recommendations on longevity therapies to help prevent and reverse age-related damage, such as:

Energy Levels

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic Pain

Sugar Imbalance

Skin Issues

Sleep Issues

Activity Levels

Stress Levels

Sexual Function


Explore & Learn Longevity

We believe in an education-first approach. During your consultation, you can:​

  • Identify prescriptions & supplements best suited for you

  • Ask questions about how products work

  • Talk over your recommended treatment protocol

  • Learn about possible side effects


Receive a Personalized Report

Prior to your consultation, receive a personalized longevity report you can discuss with our experts. Your report includes:

  • Scores for key lifestyle markers

  • How to address current age-related health issues

  • Recommended prescriptions & therapies

  • Goals & next steps to monitor your progress


Reveal Your Phenotypic Age* (Advanced Consult)

Find out how fast you are aging and reveal your Phenotypic Age (the age of your health).

A blood test measures 9 key bio markers to determine your biological age. The test compares your chronological age to your Phenotypic Age to help predict your risk of all-cause mortality.


It's also an excellent benchmark to measure the impact lifestyle changes and longevity therapies have on your health.

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Ready to Get Your
Personalized Report?

  • 30-Minute Virtual Consultation

  • Medical Intake Review

  • Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Age-Related Recommendations

  • Prescription & Supplement Plan

  • Personalized Goals


One-Time Purchase


  • 45-Minute Virtual Consultation

  • Medical Intake Review

  • Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Age-Related Recommendations

  • Prescription & Supplement Plan

  • Personalized Goals

  • Lab Work Results

  • Biological Age Test


One-Time Purchase


Our Medical Leadership Team

The AgelessRx Medical Team has over twenty years of experience in the longevity industry—meaning you’ll be working with and learning from the best of the best.

Together, Dr. Z and Jade have positively impacted the lives of 1,000+ patients nationwide. Both have become sought-after leaders in the longevity field due to their unique credentials and unparalleled expertise.

Dr. Sajad Zalzala

Chief Medical Officer


Jade Arellano, CNS

Medical Nutrition Therapist