67 Year Old Male

Topeka, KS

The process for my Metformin prescription was easy, answering appropriate health questions. Science provides good evidence it (metformin)  reduces the risks of several cancers I am at risk for as well as cognitive impairment. I also appreciate AgelessRx commitment to the latest science related to health and longevity. AgelessRx has become an import cog in my health endeavors. Their Customer Service is friendly and punctual with any questions

45 Year Old Female

Ann Arbor, MI

I heard about metformin from a few friends and then read about it online.  Since I'm a pretty health conscious person,  I decided to give it a try. The AgelessRx ordering process was easy and within a few days I received my prescription. For the first week I had some mild stomach issues, but those quickly went away. Since then its been smooth sailing. I feel great and have even lost a few pounds (not sure if its metformin, but I know it hasnt hurt.)  I've already recommended it to a few friends.

52 Year Old Male

Palo Alto, CA

I haven't noticed the same kind of hike then dip in energy after eating, and have more stable energy levels. I seem to be less hungry and have seen some slight weight loss.


26 Year Old Female

Saint Joseph, MO

It has cut my joint pain in half, helped me lose weight, improved my memory (fibro fog), and made me feel like a happier person.

LDN had helped reduce inflammatory issues from IBS as well as decrease joint aches/pains.

52 Year Old Female

Holden, MA

It has helped tremendously with severe joint pain, fatigue, I've been able to drop now 25 lbs since I started where before I was gaining despite diet and exercise habits. .... Prior to starting this I was having the most debilitating menstrual cycles I'd had in my whole life, but within 4 months of starting it the pain and extreme fatigue was gone and my menses stopped shortly after. Made the transition almost seamless

83 Year Old Female

Alton, MO

Have had less [arthritis] pain, more energy, calmer and just feel better in general.

71 Year Old Male

Bridgeport, TX

Improved my ability to sleep and a general sense of feeling better overall.

48 Year Old Female

Sun City Center, FL


45 Year Old Male

Jacksonville, FL

 I wear a Whoop fitness tracker and every time I use an NAD patch my Whoop recovery scores are really high, and I also wake up feeling amazing. The AgelessRx platform is easy to use and customer service is great.

69 Year Old Female

Irvine, CA

...I was feeling very sluggish and tired (like chronic fatigue syndrome) for the last year and it wasn’t getting better. I decided to use 3 patches a week which are 400 ml. each (after discussing with dr.) and after 3 weeks I’m using 2 patches a week. Since NAD+ is the biological Rocket Fuel and the more NAD+ we have the more energy we can produce. I can’t believe it....my energy level has improved tremendously and I feel much more clear headed. This is a product I will continue using for the rest of my life...

78 Year Old Male

Henderson, NV

Feeling less tired, more mentally alert,  increased energy, as result after using NAD patches

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