Unlike other treatments, LDN works with your immune system—not against it—empowering your body to create its own therapeutic effects.


Do More, Age Less

  • Modulates the immune system

  • Increases endorphin levels up to 3x

  • Lowers markers of inflammation in the body

  • Reduces fatigue & brain fog

  • Clinical evidence in reducing chronic pain

  • Encourages weight loss

LDN has not been approved by the FDA for these uses, but there are multiple studies that have shown these benefits.


Background & History

  • Prescribed for 40+ years with outstanding safety record

  • FDA approved to treat opiate dependencies & obesity

  • Dosages below 10mg/day are considered "Low Dose Naltrexone" (LDN)—4.5mg/day is the most common

  • Exhibits novel & paradoxical effects for a variety of conditions

  • Used to treat autoimmune diseases & viral infections since 1985

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dna strand_agelessrx.png

Aging Pathways Impacted

  • Genomic Instability

  • Loss of Protasis

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction

What Our LDN Users
Are Saying

[LDN] improved my ability to sleep and a general sense of feeling better overall.

71 Year Old Male
Bridgeport, TX

I have hypothyroid issues, adrenal, mood, and get ill easily. Ever since LDN, it has significantly helped with all of these, easing or eliminating the many symptoms and reducing my dependence and need for other meds.

45 Year Old Female

San Bernardino, CA

[LDN] has cut my joint pain in half, helped me lose weight, improved my memory (fibro fog), and made me feel like a happier person.

26 Year Old Female

Saint Joseph, MO

2021 LDN Research Trust Member

Your individual results might differ from the above testimonials.

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  • 1-month subscription / 30 daily doses

  • Capsule form

  • 4.5mg daily dose or as prescribed

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$45 / month

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30 daily doses


90 daily doses

  • 3-month subscription / 90 daily doses

  • Capsule form

  • 4.5mg daily dose or as prescribed

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$35 / month

billed quarterly   |   free shipping

Doctor may recommend
a different dose during medical intake process

You can request daily dose adjustments between refills

You will be automatically billed & sent refills based on your plan

You can cancel at any time before your next shipment

* Prescription products require an online consultation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. See below for important safety information. Benefits outlined on Agelessrx.com are based on 3rd party studies. LDN is offered as a subscription service you can cancel at any time.



How often do I take LDN?

You will take LDN daily at bedtime (between 9pm and 2am). To start, you will take 1 capsule (1.5mg) and, over time, will slowly ramp up to the prescribed dose (4.5mg is the most common).

How can I monitor my response to LDN?

In the short term, patients report an improvement or reduction of symptoms related to inflammation and rampant oxidative stress, such as joint pain, back pain, fatigue, weight gain, and more.

What form of LDN will I receive?

AgelessRx provides 1.5mg and 4.5mg in capsule form with sucrose as the standard filler. 

If you are taking LDN for the first time, you will begin at 1.5mg per day and slowly work up to the prescribed dose (commonly 4.5mg) over a 20-day period.


During the first three to five days of taking LDN, you may experience mild to moderate levels of the above side effects. Side effects typically diminish on their own by day five. To reduce the risk of side effects, start with a 1 capsule (1.5mg) for the first two weeks with a gradual increase to the 4.5mg dose.

If you are on thyroid medication, you may need to monitor your thyroid levels more closely as you start LDN. If you develop symptoms of hyperthyroidism while taking LDN, such as heart racing, increased anxiety, restlessness, or trouble sleeping, please stop LDN and talk to your doctor who prescribes your thyroid medication.

Note: Please stop taking any dosage of Naltrexone a minimum of 48-hours before any surgical procedure or medical diagnostic requiring sedation, such as surgery or a colonoscopy. If you are unsure, please ask your doctor ordering the test or procedure. Additionally, Naltrexone cannot be taken in conjunction with opioids/painkillers. If you need to stop taking Naltrexone for a surgery, and accompanying pain killers are prescribed, you may resume LDN only 48-hours after you take your last painkiller. 

Most Common LDN Side Effects

  • Vivid dreams

  • Mild anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Headache

For a full list of possible side effects, click here.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.