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What is the wax for?

Wax is a protective top coat applied to raw wood, stained wood, or painted furniture. Soft wax is easy to apply and bonds with porous surfaces (like wood and flat/matte paint) creating a water resistant finish. Apply thinly with a brush, cheesecloth, or lint free cloth in sections, wiping off the excess as you go; you do not want to wax your entire piece before wiping off your excess. Your wax should not be greasy or tacky when you are finished. DO NOT wax pieces intended to live outdoors - it will melt.

My wax finish is tacky or has an uneven sheen. What do I do?

Don't panic! As counter intuitive as it sounds, reapplying a thin coat of wax will melt the underlying coat, making it easier to remove any excess wax. Sometimes the wax will appear to have an uneven sheen if the paint was applied in different directions. If wax is applied unevenly (thick in some areas, thin in others), it will dry unevenly and have an uneven sheen. This usually just adds to the character of the piece, but, as stated above, reapplying a thin coat of wax and wiping all of the excess away evenly should fix the problem. Keep in mind, the more you wipe the shinier the wax gets, so have numerous clean cloths available to replace clogged ones.

Is the wax safe for use on baby cribs, toys, and cutting boards?

Yes! All of Jolie's waxes and Miss Mustard Seed's 100% Beeswax are certified food and toy safe, meaning they can be used on cutting boards, wooden bowls, cribs, toys, and really anything porous or painted! Even though there are no inherently harmful ingredients in the waxes and most are low odor, we recommend pregnant women have someone else apply it to be safe. Also, allow the wax to cure a minimum of 14 days before use on pieces intended for food or children.

How do I care for my wax finished piece?

Treat your waxed piece like any fine piece of furniture. Use coasters and place mats to provide a barrier between cold, hot, and wet dishes. Wax is water resistant, but is not waterproof. If you do have a spill, wipe it up immediately. If a liquid sits, it will penetrate the wax and may need a bit of re-waxing to remove the ring or discoloration.

How do I remove water marks, scratches, and scuffs from my wax finish?

Simply apply a little wax to the affected area and the water mark, scratch, and scuff should disappear! If the scratch is deep enough to remove paint, simply repaint that area, wax, and voila! It may take a bit of finesse if you antiqued your piece with a dark wax, but it is still possible.

Is wax durable enough for frequent use or kids?

Yes. Once cured, wax is a very durable finish. Adding multiple coats of wax will give you more durability. For your high traffic pieces, we recommend three coats of wax. Allow each coat to completely dry (about 24 hours) before applying another coat. You can easily maintain your finish by wiping the surface with mild soap and water. Refresh your finish or remove scrapes, scuffs, and scratches by applying a new thin coat of wax every once in a while.

Do I really need to seal my piece?

We really recommend it. Both paints are porous, which will readily hold stains. Sealing the paint prevents stains, which means you won't have to repaint it any time soon (unless you change your mind about the color). It's no problem if you don't want to wax, those pores also mean just about any sealer will work! We recommend water based products for easy clean-up. See your local stockist or each brand's FAQ page for further information.

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