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What are the benefits of using AgelessRx?

We assist you in setting up an online visit with a doctor knowledgeable about the risks and the benefits of products that have potential benefits in delaying or preventing age-related diseases. Our platform allows you to place an order online and receive it by mail without ever having to make any appoitments, drive anywhere, or sit in any waiting rooms - all from the comfort of your home.

Is my information safe with AgelessRx?

We respect the privacy of your data and comply with the latest safety regulations. Your data is stored on a HIPAA compliant secured server. You can review our Privacy Policy Here

Where are your products sourced from?

We are serious about the safety of the products that we offer. One of the benefits of using AgelessRx and not buying from China/India is that the tablets are subject to the same FDA audit and quality controls as any medicine you buy from any pharmacy in the US. Medications are purchased by the pharmacy from an FDA registered and inspected facility, and undergo strict manufacturing and approval processes for safety and efficacy that makes them available nationally to all other pharmacies in the country (including at large and well known providers like Walgreens and CVS).

Do you service all 50 states?

We currently service every state except Alaska

Do I need to visit a clinic to get my prescription?

No the service is designed to be a 100% online experience. This is what allows us to keep it as convinient and as affordable as possible for our cusotmers.

Several states require a doctor to speak to the patient before generating prescriptions. Otherwise, the vast majority of Americans can use this service without ever needing to visit a doctor’s office.

How does AgelessRx work?

First, you will complete an online questionnaire to gather information for the healthcare provider about your medical history. After that, the system will match you with a licensed provider who will review the information and evaluate your options. If provider determines that prescription is appropriate, then it will be delivered to the address you provided, in discreet packaging. If your provider determines a prescription is not appropriate for you, they will provide you with information about next steps.

Is shipping included in the price/subscription cost?

Yes, shipping is included on all the subscription products.

Can I use my HSA or FSA card on AgelessRx?

AgelessRx currently accepts HSA cards to pay for your order on our website. For FSA plans, or if your desired HSA card does not go through, please contact us know and we will provide you with a receipt that you could use to get reimbursed from HSA/FSA plans.


What dose of metformin will I receive?

Typical dosage consists of two 500mg extended release pills per day. However, actual dosage will be determined by a licensed medical professional after taking into account multiple factors, including medical history, drug interactions and age of patient. There is no agreed upon "optimal dosing" for longevity. Some longevity experts take and recommend 1000mg per day. Others recommend 1500mg per day. The TAME trial will be looking at 1500mg per day. Our medical staff will determine the best starting dose based on a variety of diffferent factors, and recommend dose adjustments based on feedback and patient goals.

Where are my metformin pills coming from? What are the quality standards?

We are serious about the safety of the products that we offer. One of the benefits of using AgelessRx is that our partner pharmacies use FDA Registered brands (TAGI). Our pharmacies are inspected facilities and undergo strict manufacturing and approval processes for safety and efficacy.

Can I take metformin if I am prone to episodes of hypoglycemia?

There are several reasons why patients experience hypoglycemia. However, in our experience, most patients with a history of hypoglycemia can tolerate lower doses of metformin (500mg per day). Metformin is not known to abnormally drop blood sugar levels. If you have any questions on Metformin and hypoglycemia, or are experiencing any issues, please contact us.
You might find it helpful to use a Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor (CGM) to monitor your blood sugar levels for a few days. You can learn more about CGM here.

Are metformin treatments and/or other longevity prescription therapies the only thing I need to live a longer, healthier life?

Absolutely not! Our therapies are meant as an extra layer of protection. We strongly encourage our patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including leveraging such practices as intermittent fasting, physical activity, stress reduction, etc. It is also important to look at other potentially helpful factors, including dietary supplements like resveratrol. vitamin D, and/or B12). If you're curious how you can live a longer, healthier life, you might consider a Longevity Consultation to learn more about your specific needs/goals as you age. Click here to learn more.

How long will I need to take metformin?

To derive the biggest benefit from metformin, studies indicate it should be taken over an extended period. The longer a patient takes metformin, the better it has been shown to “push back” diseases of aging, according to several research studies in both humans and lab animals (see our Science section). Some benefits from metformin, such as appetite control and weight loss, are realized relatively quickly, while others, such as cancer or heart disease reduction, may never be “felt” (i.e. you won’t know that tumors or blocked arteries have been prevented if they never develop).

How does metformin affect Vitamin B12 levels?

It is commonly thought that metformin causes a reduction in Vitamin B12 levels, perhaps by interfering with its absorbion, or by some other mechanism. For this reason, we ask patients on metformin to either monitor their B12 levels, or to take extra B12 out of precaution. Some studies suggest that there is no significant connection between B12 levels and metformin, however.
Regardless of metformin it is important to maintain proper levels of Vitamin B12. For adults under age 65, the easiest way to get B12 is to take at least one 2,000 mcg supplement each week, or a daily dose of 50 mcg. Note that these doses are specific to cyanocobalamin, the preferred supplemental form of vitamin B12.

As we age, our ability to absorb vitamin B12 may decline. For those over 65 who eat plant-based diets, the supplementation should probably be increased up to 1,000 mcg of cyanocobalamin each day.

B12 supplements are very cheap. Here is one option we found: 5c per 2500mcg tablet, so 5-15cents of cost per week depending on your age.

What do I do if I get stomach upset using Metformin?

Gastrointestinal (stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea) symptoms are the most commonly reported side effects and occur in about 5 to 10% of patients. Using the ER (extended release) version of metformin helps reduce this down to 2 to 5%. We suggest starting with a smaller dose (1 tablet) and as your body tolerance adjusts, ramping up to 2 tablets per day. You can see the tips from our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Z on how to help with the gastro-related uncomfort here.

Can metformin cause my blood sugar to drop too low?

Metformin is not thought to drop blood sugar to dangerously low levels. However, some people tolerate lower levels of blood sugars than others. For this reason, metformin might cause some patients to have symtpoms of low blood sugar such as lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue. Starting at a low dose and increasing slowly can help. In our experience, most patients with a history of hypoglycemia can tolerate lower doses of metformin (500mg per day). If you run into any issues, or have any questions on Metformin, please contact us. You might find it helpful to use a Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor (CGM) to monitor your blood sugar levels for a few days. You can learn more about CGM here.

Do I need to worry about lactic acidosis when taking metformin?

Signficant lactic acidosis is almost never seen in patitents who take appopriate doses and have properly functing kindeys. Out of precaution, we ask that patients stop taking metformin at least 3 days before going for any kind of medical procedure or imaging that requires contrast (such as a CT scan). Ask the physician doing the procedure or ordering test about metformin to be sure.

What are ways I can monitor my response to metformin?

In the short term, people often notice an improvement or lowering of their blood sugar levels. This can be see in the form of a lower fasting glucose and lower HbA1c level.
An even better tool to monitor the improved glucose sensitivity is to wear a Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and watch the blood sugar level decrease to a lower level. You can learn more about CGM here. We also offer biological age testing that you can use to see if metformin is helping slow down you biological aging compared to your chronological aging. You can learn more about our biological age tests here. A lot of people report the following benefits after several months of taking metformin: - Less Appetite - Weight Loss - More stable energy throughout the day - Better sleep

Do you offer liquid or topical metformin?

Some people cannot tolerate tablets and require liquid or topical versions. These version are available but more expensive. Pease let us know by emailing info@agelessrx.com if you are intersted and we can will provide a cost estimate.

Is metformin approved by FDA for longevity benefits?

No. Metformin is FDA approved for people with Type 2 diabetes melitus - also known as the on-label indication. However, like many medications, metformin is used off-label for conditions such as PCOS, obesity, and cancer. Once the FDA has approved a medication for one use, a medical doctor can prescribe it in any way they see fit for their patient. Metformin, specifically, has been approved by the FDA to be studied specifically for human longevity as part of the TAME trial that is expected to start in 2020.

I can get Berberine supplement over the counter - why should I bother getting a prescription for metformin?

First, metformin benefits and mechanism of action have been studied much more extensively than Berberine. Second, as Berberine is a supplement, quality control and potency are not nearly as strictly controled as metformin that is being distributed by the pharmacy, subject to FDA and US Pharmacy board audits and purity standards.

Is metformin safe for everybody to use, or are there some people who should not use metformin?

Serious side effects from metformin are very rare, making it among one of the safest precription medications that are commonly prescribed. However, it should not be used with anybody who has an allergy to metformin, or who has poor kidney function, or diabetics who are poorly controlled (unless closely supervised by their local doctor). There are many situations where metformin can be used, but with caution or a lower dose than normally prescribed. Our medical team takes all of these factors into account when reviewing requests for prescriptions.

How do I take Metformin?

Start with a small dose to avoid stomach discomfort (½ or 1 tablet per day with food), and over a few days as your body gets used to metformin, try to increase to what has been prescribed on the bottle. Our default protocol is extended release (ER) version of metformin to reduce stomach discomfort. You will receive more detailed instuctions by email, once your order is approved.

How do I know if metformin is doing anything for me?

While a lot of people notice some difference in the way they feel, not everyone does. However, the benefits of metformin go beyond how somebody feels while taking it - metformin works on the body's metabolism to improve health from the inside. See our Science Page for details on how metformin works to slow down the aging process and what can be measured to verify this.

My Order

How can I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your prescription at any time. Please email us at orders@agelessrx.com if you want to cancel or place your subscription on hold. When you are ready to resume your prescription, email us again and we can re-activate it.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can cancel the subscription at any time. For the monthly subscription, if you have already received your supply for that month then that month becomes non refundable. For the quarterly subscription, if you already received your 90 day supply then that quarterly payment becomes non-refundable (since we cannot accept back the medicine).

My medication was shipped from a compounding pharmacy. How is that different than a regular pharmacy?

Most compounding pharmacies also function as a standard retail pharmacy. Some of the prescriptions we currently offer are only available through custom compounding (for example NAD+). Metformin, on the other hand, is a commercially available medication and is not compounded. Our pharmacy partners buy metformin from the same manufacturers and wholesalers as all other pharmacies in the USA.

Which pharmacies are shipping my order?

We use several partner pharmacies. For example, one of our preferred pharmacy partners is Pharmacy Solutions – an award winning pharmacy with multiple accreditations and a 20 year history. You can see the accreditations and awards here.

Why am I being asked to book a video consultation? I thought it was all online?

For a small percentage of our patients (around 10%), in order to comply with state regulations, we ask them to book a video consultation with the prescribing physician. We identify these patients based on the address they provide and send them an email letting them know that their state requires a visual follow up. The consultation will be brief, as we have already collected all the information we need. There is no additional charge for the video consultation (it is already included in your price).

I am running low on my prescription. How do I request a refill?

We try to stay ahead of our patients running low, but if for some reason you are running low, please email orders@agelessrx.com.

Why am I asked to provide my ID and selfie?

We require your ID and selfie to verify you age and identity in order to be in compliance with certain regulations. You ID and selfie are stored on a HIPAA compliant server. If you are not comfortable submitting your ID/Selfie online, please email us at orders@agelessrx.com and we can accomodate alternative ways of ID verification (such as a quick video conference with a staff member).

I am interested in changing the dosage or form of my metformin prescription. How do I go about changing it?

Our medical team will determine what dose is most appropriate for you based on a variety of factors. You can email doctor@agelessrx.com and explain why you'd like a dose change.
Your request will be reviewed and if safe and appropriate, accomodated the next time your prescription is filled. If you cannot tolerate metformin in tablet form, we can provide topical or liquid metformin but those forms cost more than comercially available tables. Please send an email to info@agelessrx.com if you'd like to learn more about other forms of metformin.

How do I change my shipping address?

Please email your new address to orders@agelessrx.com

I am almost done with all of my 6 patches, how do I order another pack?

You should consider switching to a subscription plan where you will get 6 patches every 6 weeks. If you simply would like 6 more patches click here.

CGM Sensor

What are the benefits of using a CGM?

Originally created for diabetics, this device has since become popular among health conscious individuals who want an easy way to measure their glucose levels. It provides actionable insights into how food, exercise and other everyday activities impact blood glucose levels, and can help establish better lifestyle habits.

Do I need a special reader to use the CGM sensor?

Most people don't need a separate reader and can use their smart phone. Most modern smart phones have NFC and support the LibreLink app. If you can download the LibreLink app, chances are good that all you need is the sensor. Here is the list of phones with NFC functionality, so that you can check if you phone is on the list. However, for non-compatible phones, patients will need to request a special reader that goes along with the sensor (for an extra cost).

Can I use the sensor for more than 14 days?

The FreeStyle Libre CGM will only function for 14 days. After that, it no longer reports readings and should be removed. If you want to monitor your glucose for more than 14 days, you need to buy multiple sensors. We offer package pricing when you purchase 3 or more sensors.

What happens if my CGM sensor accidently falls off before the 14 days are done?

Once it falls off, it cannot be re-applied. A new CGM will need to be reqested and ordered

Is it safe to go about daily activities while wearing a CGM sensor?

Yes, the sensor is designed to be worn while running, showering, and doing any other daily activities. While you can go about your daily activities in a regular way, be careful not to pull the sensor off by accidentaly tugging on it. If you do plan to engage in strenuous activity while wearing the sensor, you may elect to purchase an OTC band or external adhesive for the CGM, or you could wrap it an elastic bandage to ensure it remains intact.

Does it hurt to insert the sensor? I heard there was a needle invovled?

Most people feel either nothing, or a very small prick on their skin when they insert the sensor. The small needle that helps insert the CGM retracts immediately, leaving only a small filament that samples the glucose levels.

What are FreeStyle Libre 14 day system’s contraindications?

Remove the sensor prior to MRI, CT scan, X-ray or diathermy treatment.

What components are included in the FreeStyle Libre 14 day kit?

The FreeStyle Libre 14 day Sensor is a disposable Sensor that you wear on the back of your upper arm. The sensor is factory calibrated. You use your NFC enabled smart phone to wirelessly scan the Sensor and get your glucose readings. The sensor kit includes the following items: one sensor pack, sensor applicator, alcohol wipe, and product insert. The CGM sensors are considered a medical device a require a prescription.

I downloaded the FreeStyle LibreLink app, and it is asking me to set the Target Glucose Level Range. What should I set it at?

Most people should shoot for a blood glucose between 75 and 125, where 70 to 80 is considered an ideal fasting sugar level, and meals should not spike sugar higher than 125mg/dl. However, there some people who cannot tolerate these lower levels and need to work on bringing them down into this range over time. On the other hand, there are some people who are "fat adapted" and thrive on lower levels of blood glucose. The above guidelines are for non-diabetic people, who are using CGM.

The app/reader is teling me to do a finger prick reading, what should I do?

The CGM is designed for diabetic patients and therefore many of the instructions and warnings are meant for diabetics. If you are non-diabetic and are prompted to verify the reading with a fiinger prick and you feel fine, then it is probably fine to ignore the instructions - you might need to adjust the warning parameters instead.

My CGM sensor doesn't seem to be working right. Now what?

If you experience issues with your CGM sensor (e.g. it's not working, not reading right, not sticking right), contact the manufacturer directly to see if you are eligible for a no-cost replacement at 855-632-8658. Have the serial number of your CGM sensor handy to provide to the manufacturer. If you qualify for a replacement, the manufacturer rep will initiate a new shipment to you.

What should I set my target glucose levels to when setting up my CGM sensor?

AgelessRx recommends non-diabetic patients aim for a range between 75-125. The goal is to eat foods that keep levels from rising higher than 125.

What should my ideal fasting glucose level be?

AgelessRx recommends a non-diabetic fasting glucose between 70-85. The goal is to eat foods that keep levels from rising higher than 125.

NAD+ Patch

How often should I wear the NAD+ patch?

There is no firmly established dosing for NAD+. Based on concensus from our scientific advisors, 400mg once a week of NAD+ was the optimal for an average AgelessRx customer (a 50 year old person), and was shown to increase NAD+ levels by up to 5x. Depending on your age, how depleted your NAD+ levels are, and your objectives, you could use the patch more or less often than our default protocol of one time per week. Our typical protocl is to use the patch once per week after loading it with the NAD+ solution (as shown in our educational videos), and wearing the patch for 4 hours. It is normal for the patch to not be completely dry after 4 hours.

How do I load the patch with the NAD+ Solution?

Please refer to our visual demonstration.

How do I place the patch on my body?

The patch is a small adhesive bandage that you can place anywhere on your body. Upper arm is the most common placement, but it can be put wherever is most comfortable for you. When sticking the patch to your body, hold the entire patch in your open hand and apply in one motion.

How do I remove the patch?

To ensure it doesn’t come free, the adhesive used for the patch is quite strong. At the end of four hours, you can soak the patch for a few minutes with warm water to make the removal easier.

Why do I need to use the patches, can't I just take NAD+ in a pill form?

NAD+ is not aborbed well through the intestintes, and any that is absorbed is destroyed by the liver. The most effective method off getting NAD+ into the body is intravenously (IV). The next best seems to be using iontophoresis patches that use a small battery powered device that produces an electric current to drive the NAD+ under the skin and into the blood circulation.

The instrutions say to use the NAD+ patches once a week, but can I try other doses?

There is no firmly established dosage for NAD+. Based on concensus from our scientific advisors, 400mg once a week of NAD+ was the optimal for an average AgelessRx customer (a 50 year old person), and was shown to increase NAD+ levels by up to 5x. Other people who are older or younger, or who might have other reasons for using NAD+ patches (for example, addiction therapy) might use patches more or less frequently than one time per week. If you use two patches at a time, or more than one time per week, the NAD+ boosting results compound.

What should I expect when I use the NAD+ Patches?

NAD+ is essential for many funcitons, including DNA repair. You may or may not feel an immediately noticable effect of better DNA repair; most of our customer who use the NAD+ Patches report some of the following benefits: improved energy, mental clarity, decreased cravings, better sleep, better mood, alleviation of depression/anxiety symptoms, faster recovery from illness and injury, as well as post workout recovery. This is not seen in all clients. As long as instructions for application is properly followed, the NAD+ will be absorbed into the body regardless of whether a person feels it or not, and will achieve higher NAD+ levels needed for better health and longevity. Depending on how your depleted your NAD+ levels are you might need to build up your NAD+ level over a few weeks before noticing any benefits.

Why should I supplement with TMG (also known as Betaine) while using the NAD+ patch?

While using the patch, if you end up having excess niacinamide, your body will use a methylation process to eliminate the excess amounts. This methylation process creates a need for extra methyl donors, which is why we suggest supplementing with trimethylglycine (TMG also known as betaine), 1000mg on the days when the NAD patch is used. TMG is easily obtainable on Amazon or any other vitamin retailer

I noticed that the nad liquid is much paler yellow than it was in the previous package. Is that okay?

NAD+ has a tendency to be a different shade of yello, depending on pH. For the iontophoresis solution, the pH is between 4 and 5. The closer the pH is to 4, the less yellow it will be. The closer the pH is to 5, the more yellow it will be. Our partner pharmacy has tested the solution at both ends of the pH, and the potency remains the same.

Do NAD+ patches help with overcoming addictions?

We have a number of clients who used NAD+ patches to help with addictions (tobacco, opiods, and other substance abuse), and have reported positive results. There is a lot of clinical evidence suggesting benefits of NAD+ for addiction treatment. This is not something we specialize in, but we are happy to accomodate your NAD+ patch orders for the purpose of addiction treatment.

How long should I keep the patches on?

The 4 hour patches have a battery that stops working after 4 hours. After that you can keep the patch on for a few more hours but absorption will be minimal.

Why do I need a precription for NAD+ patches?

The iontophoresis patches have a small battery operated device that facilitates the absorption of NAD+ through your skin into your blood stream, and because of this mechanism the patches are considered a medical device and are only avaialbe by prescription.

I got a rash after using the NAD+ Patches. Now what?

A small percent of patients report a rash where they applied the patch. Please contact us for further advice. Sometimes, it helps to apply the patch over a joint, such as the knees or wrists. It seems that skin on some parts of the body are more prone to develop rash than others.


How do I take Low Dose Naltrexone?

Start by taking ½ tab by mouth of the 4.5mg every night for the first 2 weeks, then increase to a full tablet every night thereafter. If you have trouble tolerating LDN, or are concerned you may have trouble, you may instead start with 1/4 tab by mouth for the first 2 weeks, increase to 1/2 tab for the next 2 weeks, 3/4 tab for the following 2 weeks, and then ramp up to the full tab thereafter.

What is Low Dose Naltrexone’s effect on the immune system?

Naltrexone binds to opioid receptors–which are found all over the body including immune cells. In doing so, it displaces the endorphins which would normally stay bound to these receptors. By binding to the opioid receptors, it displaces the body’s naturally produced Opioid Growth Factor. When using naltrexone at a low dose (hence LDN), the binding is temporary and causes the body to then up-regulate or increase the opioid receptors, thereby restoring the endorphin system and balancing the immune system.

Can I take Low dose Naltrexone if I have a compromised immune system?

Yes! Studies have shown that LDN is not only safe to take for individuals with a compromised immune system, but that it may actually help to improve the ability of the immune system to function. Individuals with autoimmune diseases or compromised immune systems typically have lower levels of endorphins than those without autoimmunity or a lowered immune response. Due to the increase of endorphins triggered by Low Dose Naltrexone, we believe that LDN is a safe and possibly helpful therapy for these individuals. See the Science Page for more information.

Is Low Dose Naltrexone safe for everyone to use?

In general, Low Dose Naltrexone should not be used by anyone taking opioids, such as Codeine, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Meperidine, Methadone, Morphine, Oxycodone, or Oxycontin. Because Naltrexone and prescription opioids bind to the opioid receptors, they can render one another ineffective–or worse, cause opioid withdrawal syndrome. LDN should be avoided in patients with impaired kidney or liver function. If you are on thyroid medication, you may need to monitor your thyroid levels more closely as you start LDN. If you develop symptoms of hyperthyroidism while taking LDN, such as heart racing, increased anxiety, restlessness, or trouble sleeping, please stop LDN and talk to your doctor who prescribes your thyroid medication. Other conditions that require a modified protocol or require further consideration prior to use include:

  • Lyme Disease or other Chronic Infections (EBV, CMS, Bebesosis, Borellia, etc.)
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome/Disease (MCAS/MCAD)
  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities or drug allergies (3 or more)
  • Mold or black mold illness or exposure
  • Mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia)

What do I do if I experience side effects from Low Dose Naltrexone?

The most common side effect by far is vivid dreams and/or restless sleep. Others have reported side effects such as headache, nausea, mild anxiety and are less common and usually experienced the first 3-5 days of taking LDN. To minimize side effects, we ask patients to start at half a tab (2.25mg) for the first 2 weeks, and then go up to the full tab (4.5mg). If you still experience side effects that linger past the first 5 days of increasing the dose, please contact us at info@agelessrx.com.

What dose of Naltrexone will I receive?

The most widely studied LDN dose is 4.5mg, so the dose we prescribe is consists of one 4.5mg immediate release pill per day. However, actual dosage will be determined by a licensed medical professional after taking into account multiple factors, including medical history, drug interactions and age of patient.

What are ways I can monitor my response to Low Dose Naltrexone?

In the short term, people often notice an improvement or reduction of symptoms related to inflammation and rampant oxidative stress. These symptoms will vary from person to person, but can include chronic flatulence, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, headache, joint pain, brain fog, muscle pain, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, lower back pain, skin issues/rashes, excessive mucus production, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying asleep.

How long will I need to take Low Dose Naltrexone?

To derive the biggest benefit from LDN studies indicate it should be taken over an extended period. The longer a patient takes LDN, the better it has been shown to “push back” diseases of aging, according to several research studies in both humans and lab animals (see our Science page). Some benefits from LDN, such as increased energy and sleep quality and decreased pain, are realized relatively quickly, while others, such as cancer or heart disease reduction, may never be “felt” (i.e. you won’t know that tumors or blocked arteries have been prevented if they never develop).

Where are my Low Dose Naltrexone pills coming from? What are the quality standards?

We are serious about the safety of the products that we offer. Low Dose Naltrexone is compounded on site at a certified compounding pharmacy based in the USA, with materials supplied by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

Is Low Dose Naltrexone approved by the FDA for longevity benefits?

The short answer is "No." Naltrexone is FDA approved for obesity and the treatment of opioid and alcohol addiction- also known as the on-label indication. However, like many medications, naltrexone is used off-label for conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MCAS/MCAD, ADHD, and many symptoms and conditions. Like with any medication, once the FDA has approved a medication for one use, a medical doctor can prescribe it in any way they see fit for their patient.

Are Low Dose Naltrexone treatment and/or other longevity prescriptions the only thing I need to live a longer, healthier life?

Absolutely not! Our therapies are meant as an extra layer of protection. We strongly encourage our patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including leveraging such practices as intermittent fasting, physical activity, stress reduction, etc. If you are curious how you might live a longer, healthier life, you might consider a personalized Longevity Consultation. Click here to learn more.

What happens if I have a hard time tolerating LDN?

If you are having a hard time tolerating LDN, or fear you may as you begin your treatment, you may consider a modified protocol. Start with 1/4 tab for 2 weeks, followed by 1/2 tab for another 2 weeks, 3/4 tab for 2 weeks after that, and ramp up the full tab thereafter. If, at any time, you are unable to tolerate LDN, discontinue use or talk to a licensed medical professional ASAP.

What happens if I cannot tolerate my LDN dose?

If you are having trouble ramping up to your recommended dose, please contact us. AgelessRx may be able to adjust your dose or recommend you to a partnering doctor for further evaluation.

Biological Age Test

What does the price of the Biological Age Test include?

The price of the Biological Age Test includes: - A doctor's order for testing - All lab and testing fees - A copy of your results (revealing your Biological Age)

Do I need to visit a doctor to get a lab order before getting tested?

No. As part of your test price, AgelessRx provides an order from a licensed doctor in your state through our network.

Can I use my insurance to cover the cost of the test?

Unfotunately, no. All laboratory testing must be privately paid for at the time of purchase. If you would like to see if this test will be reimbursed by your insurance, you can download a copy of your receipt from your account dashboard.

Can I use my FSA or HSA cards to cover the cost of the test?

Yes, you can use both FSA or HSA cards. Additionally, you can download a copy of your receipt from your account dashboard should you wish to get reimbursed from your FSA or HSA accounts.

Can I go to my own doctor and have him/her order the tests for me?

If it is possible, yes. we encourage everyone to use their own doctor and health insurance for blood tests. However, if that is not possible or not as afforable, AgelessRx can help you arrange a blood draw at a local Quest Labs. Once you have submitted your order, you will receive access to the Biological Age Test User Guide that outlines how to schedule an appointment at Quest Labs.

Where will I have my blood drawn?

If you purchased your blood test through AgelessRx, you can go to any of the thousands of Quest Lab locations nationwide. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive the Biological Age Test User Guide which will guide you through the process of setting up an appointment.

What are the 9 blood markers that are part of Biological Age Test?

1. Albumin – Liver function
2. Alkaline Phosphatase – Liver function
3. Creatinine – Kidney function
4. Glucose - Metabolism
5. C-reactive Protein - Inflammation
6. Lymphocyte – Immune System
7. Mean Cell Volume – Immune System
8. Red Cell Distribution Width – Immune System
9. White Blood Cells – Immune System
You can learn more about each of the 9 blood markers on our Product Science Page.

When is the best to the test?

We encourage everyone to complete a Biological Age Test before starting a certain therapy. Then, repeat the test again within the next 6-12 months to see how the therapy has impacted your aging process.

Do I need to fast prior to my blood test?

For the most accurate values, you will be required to fast for ten hours prior to your scheduled blood draw.

Ideally, try and schedule an appointment as early in the day as possible to minimize fasting to the recommended ten hours.

FYI: Do your best to increase your water intake on both the day before your schedule blood draw and the day of. This will help prevent your blood from getting too concentrated/thick—making it easier on you and the technician or nurse to get your blood.

What steps do I need to take to complete my Biological Age Test?

1. Purchase the Biological Age Test from AgelessRx 2. Schedule your blood draw at Quest or a lab of your choice 3. Collect your blood draw results 4. Enter your results into the Biological Age Calculator 5. Reveal your Biological Age

What will my results show?

After completing the calculator exercise, you will receive a personalized report detailing your Phenotypic Age and Chronological Age. Specifically, the difference between the two ages.

How do I interpret my results?

If your Phenotypic Age is lower than your chronological age, keep up the great work! But don’t just stop here—take this opportunity to consider doing even more to increase the gap between your chronological age and Phenotypic age. Better sleep and diet, more exercise, and certain longevity treatments can all make an impact.

If your Phenotypic Age is equal to or higher than your chronological age, you have the opportunity to make improvements to your lifestyle, environment, and/or adherence to longevity protocols. The higher your Phenotypic Age, the more likely you may be to experience co-existing morbidities, physical functioning problems, and increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Longevity Consultation

What is a Longevity Consultation?

A Longevity Consultation is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a longevity expert regarding possible treatment options. You will first provide information about your medical history for the expert to review and customize a Longevity Report specific to your needs. Together, you will discuss the report recommendations via a virtual consultation at a date/time of your choosing.

How do I schedule my Longevity Consultation?

Once your personalized longevity report is ready, our team will email you to schedule your consultation. To schedule your consultation, simply: 1) Click on the scheduling link provided by AgelessRx
2) Choose your desired date/time & click "Continue"
3) Enter your contact info & click "Complete Appointment"

How do I connect with a longevity expert?

All consultations are virtual (phone or video). When you book your longevity consultation, information will be provided on how to connect with your expert at the time of your appointment. Should you wish to use video, please be sure to have a working webcam.

I purchased an Advanced Consultation. How do I complete my blood draw?

If you purchased an Advanced Consultation, you can complete your blood draw at a local Quest Lab in your area. An AgelessRx Customer Service team member will provide you with Quest registration details and instuctions on how to book your appointment within 1-3 business days following your order. Blood draw results will automatically be made available to AgelessRx staff. All you will be required to do is book and attend your Quest appointment. If, for any reason, Quest Labs is unavailable in your area or you prefer to visit a lab or clinic of your choice, AgelessRx can provide a manual requisition. Please note that these lab costs are separate and not included in the Longevity Consultation fee. If desired, you may run these labs through your insurance. Additionally, you will be required to fax or email blood draw results to AgelessRx prior to receiving your personalized Longevity Report.

What does my personalized Longevity Report contain?

Your personalized Longevity Report contains:

  • Age-Related Recommendations & Therapies
  • Lifestyle Ratings & Recommendations
  • Suggested Longevity Interventions (Rx &
  • Supplements)
  • Suggestions for Additional Testing
  • AgelessRx Patient Checklist
  • Tips for Next Steps/Getting Started
  • Lab Results (Advanced Consultation Only)
  • Aging Score (Advanced Consultation Only)

What happens if I miss my consultation appointment?

You will be awarded a 5-minute grace period at the start of your consultation time. If you fail to show up for your consultation appointment, you will be required to pay a $35 rescheduling fee prior to rebooking an appointment. This fee, as with all Longevity Consultation fees, is non-refundable.

Where can I buy the Rx and Supplements recommended in my report?

For any Rx recommended interventions, you can complete an order on Agelessrx.com. You will receive approval within 24-hours and your prescription will be shipped direct to your door within a few business days. For any Supplement recommended interventions, you will be provided with a personalized link to FullScripts or other online platform. You can place an online order for your supplements and have them shipped directly to your door.

My report recommended additional testing. Where do I go to complete this?

If your longevity expert recommended additional testing, they will provide you with information about next steps (such as a link to register). If you are unsure about where to go for your test, or have other questions regarding testing options, you can always email info@agelessrx.com for assistance.

Do I get to keep my Longevity Report?

Yes! A copy of your report will be emailed to you at the time you book your consultation. You can download, print, or save for future reference.

How can I communicate with my longevity expert after my consultation?

If you need to communicate with your longevity expert following your consultation, please email info@agelessrx.com and include a detailed message about your request. Customer Service staff will work with your longevity expert to provide any follow-up.

NAD+ Face Cream

How do I apply the cream and how often should I use it?

Apply the cream to a moist face twice daily (morning & bedtime). You can splash mild water on your face to moisten the surface before applying the cream. Be sure to allow the cream enough time to absorb and dry before adding any other cosmetic creams or products.

Why does my cream have such a strong scent?

Since our cream is pure NAD+, there is currently no way to add a fragrance to help with the scent. The scent does, however, typically diminish within the first hour or two of use.

Can I use my cream with other cosmetic creams?

Yes, of course. We have not had any reports of skin irritation or break outs when used with other creams.

How long before I start to see results?

Likely, you will see benefits within 30-minutes to 1-hour of using the product. Dermatologists sometimes demonstrate this by applying our cream to one of their patient’s eyes at the beginning of the appt. At the end of the 30 minute appt, they hand them a mirror and show them the difference. So, results can be seen in 30 minutes, but will continue to improve skin with prolonged use.

Why does the cream have to be applied to a moist face?

When applied to a moist face, you need less cream and it spreads easily.

Why do I have to refrigerate my cream?

Refrigeration, especially in the summer months or if you live in a warm climate, will help preseve the potency of the NAD+. Having the cream at lower temperatures when applying may also help to reduce any skin inflammation (an added benefit).

Is it safe to use the cream around my eyes?

Yes, but be cautious not to get any cream in the eyes. The cream visibly reduces eye bags and puffiness.

Will the cream clog my pores?

No. We have patients who use it to treat acne. We have not had anyone report that this cream has caused a break out or irritation.

Is it safe to apply make-up (e.g. foundation) over my cream?

Yes. Most of our patients report that their make-up goes on smoother after they have applied the cream (and let it dry first).

NAD+ Nasal Spray

How often should I use it?

You can use your NAD+ nasal spray 1-2x daily or as needed.

How long will one bottle last?

Your NAD+ Nasal Spray (14 ml bottle) contains enough solution for approximately 140 sprays.

Will I feel anything when I adminster the NAD+?

You may feel a slight burn or sting when administering the nasal spray.

How long before I start to feel benefits/results?

Most patients will feel effects within an hour.

Do I have to refrigerate my NAD+ solution?

Yes. Refrigeration may help preseve the potency of the NAD+.

NAD+ Injection

How do I administer the injection and how often should I use it?

You will draw up the prescribed amount with the provided insulin needle and syringe, then inject subcutaneously. The recommended dose of general health is to start out with 0.1ml and, as desired, slowly ramp up to 0.5ml (100mg) once a week.

Where on my body should I use the injection?

Ideally, the injection is adminstered into a fatty layer of skin, such as: back of arm, abdomen, or flank/lumbar region.

What comes with my NAD+ injection order?

Your NAD+ injection order will arrive with the following: one (1) 5ml vial of NAD+ injectable solution (200 mg/ml concentration), syringes, and needles for adminstration.

What happens if I run out of syringes or needles before my vial is empty?

You can purchase additional insulin syringes and/or needles from a local pharmacy or drugstrore, such as Walgreens or CVS.

Will I feel anything when I inject the NAD+?

You may feel a slight sting or burn when administering the injection, but it varies from person-to-person.

How long before I start to feel benefits/results?

Most patients will notice a boost in energy within an hour or two of injection.

Do I have to refrigerate my NAD+ solution?

Yes. Refrigeration may help preseve the potency of the NAD+.

I dropped my syringe or needle on the floor. Can I still use it?

If all is still sealed and the needle sheath is still on it, it is OK to use. You will want to use a new syringe or needle if anything was unsealed/open as it hit the floor.

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