Product Highlights

  • Promotes cellular energy production 

  • Supports DNA health & repair

  • Boosts cognitive performance

  • Increases energy levels

  • Reduces brain fog

Purchase NAD+ Nasal Spray

  1. Complete medical intake form

  2. Receive medical approval (or follow-up)

  3. Get NAD+ Nasal Spray shipped to your door

Starting at - $125

*Prescription products require an online consultation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. See below for important safety information. Benefits outlined on are based on 3rd party studies. NAD+ Nasal Spray is offered as a subscription service that can be cancelled at any time.


  • Liquid form of NAD+ inhaled through the nose

  • Intranasal delivery allows for quicker access to brain cells

  • Typical spray dose is 0.1ml or 30mg

  • Formulated & made by certified pharmacy with 99% pure product

  • Contains 300 mg/ml concentration in 14 ml bottle (approx. 140 sprays)

  • Use 1-2x daily, or as needed

Background & History

Aging Pathways Impacted

  • Genomic Instability

  • Epigenetic Alteration

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction        

  • Cellular Senescence

  • NAD+ levels decline meaningfully with age

  • Availability of NAD+ promotes DNA health/repair & is required to deactivate genes that accelerate aging

  • As NAD+ declines, the body's ability to produce energy decreases

  • NAD+ is vital for cognitive function & immune health

  • Historically, the most effective way to boost NAD+ was through expensive IV infusions, as pills have been shown to be less effective

  • Nasal spray is a more convenient method of delivery & presents benefits quicker than other methods

  • Commonly used to decrease cravings, fatigue, depression & more

Important Safety Information / Possible Side Effects

  • Side effects are generally mild in nature. Possible side effects include fatigue, headaches, or stomach discomfort.

    • If side effects occur, reduce use or discontinue use entirely.

  • The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*If you are interested in a prescription product, AgelessRx will assist in setting up a visit for you with a licensed physician, who will evaluate whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for the prescription product. If appropriate, he/she may write you a prescription for the product which you can fill at the pharmacy of your choice.