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NAD+ is a critical coenzyme to produce energy & regulate key bodily functions. Without it, life would cease to exist.

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Do More, Age Less

  • Boosts NAD+ levels by up to 5x—all from the comfort & convenience of home

  • Facilitates NAD+ absorption through the skin using a battery-operated iontophoresis patch

  • Each patch contains 400mg 100% pure NAD+ solution—no precursors

  • Wear the patch 1x per week for 4 hours for lasting results

  • Compounded & made-to-order by a certified pharmacy

  • A fraction of the cost of NAD+ infusions


Background & History

  • NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide 

  • NAD+ levels decline with age as evidenced in scientific studies

  • Converts nutrients into energy & maintains healthy DNA

  • By improving & sustaining NAD+ levels, you can deaccelerate the aging process

  • The NAD+ Patch is a revolutionary device that is more effective & less expensive than other delivery methods

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Aging Pathways Impacted

  • Genomic Instability

  • Epigenetic Alteration

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  • Cellular Senescence

What Our NAD+ Patch Users
Are Saying

I was feeling very sluggish and tired (like chronic fatigue syndrome) for the last year and wasn't getting any better. I decided to use 3 patches a week (after discussing with doctor). Since NAD+ is the biological Rocket Fuel and the more NAD+ we have the more energy we can produce. I can’t believe energy level has improved tremendously and I feel much more clear headed. This is a product I will continue using for the rest of my life...

69 Year Old Female
Irvine, CA

I wear a Whoop fitness tracker and every time I use an NAD+ patch my Whoop recovery scores are really high, and I also wake up feeling amazing. The AgelessRx platform is easy to use and customer service is great.

45 Year Old Male

Jacksonville, FL

NAD has helped me tremendously in healing my mitochondria from chronic illness, leading to more energy, better mood & improved brain cognition! I first started getting NAD in IVs through my doctor. But when the quarantine hit, I left the state and was unable to get my IVs. I was so grateful after stumbling upon AgelessRx and finding that NAD patches we just as effective and even more convenient. It has allowed me to continue my treatment despite the circumstances. 

29 Year Old Female

Vero Beach, FL

Your individual results might differ from the above testimonials.

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Ready to Age Less?
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6-week dosage

  • 1 complete kit per purchase

  • 6 Rx-exclusive Iontophoresis patches w/ 2400mg of NAD+ solution per kit

  • Provides NAD+ coverage for 6 weeks

  • FREE Shipping

Volume discounts available
FREE medical evaluation

$195 / kit

one-time charge

  • 2 complete kits sent every 3 months

  • 6 Rx-exclusive Iontophoresis patches w/ 2400mg of NAD+ solution per kit

  • Provides ongoing NAD+ coverage

  • FREE Shipping

CODE NADPATCH20: $20 off first shipment
& FREE medical evaluation

$160 / kit

2 kits billed every 3 months

Not available in AR, DE, KS, LA, & SC.

You will be automatically billed & sent refills based on your plan

You can cancel at any time before your next shipment

*Prescription products require an online evaluation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. See below for important safety information. Benefits outlined on are based on 3rd party studies. NAD+ Patches are offered as a subscription service you can cancel at any time. Actual product packaging may appear differently than shown.


12-week dosage



Do I need a prescription for NAD+ Patches?

Yes. The iontophoresis patches contains a small battery operated device that facilitates the absorption of NAD+ through skin into the bloodstream. The patches are considered a medical device due to this mechanism and, therefore, only available by prescription.

How often should I wear the NAD+ Patch?

Standard protocol is to wear the patch once per week for four hours. Depending on your age, how depleted your NAD+ levels are, and your objectives, you may elect to use the patch more or less often.

Where should I place the NAD+ Patch?

Ideally, place the patch where hair will not interfere with mild adhesive. Common locations are upper arm, abdomen, back, and thigh.


The most commonly reported side effect of NAD+ Patches is irritation of the area where the patch is applied.​ If this occurs, consider changing placement on the body (for example, alternating arms each week), to minimize irritation, if any.


If irritation continues to occur, apply an over-the-counter itch cream, preferably with hydrocortisone. 

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.